Dame and Hurdle’s history goes back to World War II, where gold was pink and watch bands were harder to get than diamonds.

In 1944, Richard M Hurdle and Kenneth H. Dame opened up their jewelry store in Quincy, IL. When they opened, it was considered a “sellers market,” but the problem did not lie in profits, but in metals being rationed heavily for the war. Watch bands were hard to come by and pink gold had the habit of tarnishing due to the amount of copper in it. Despite the original set backs, Dame & Hurdle was a thriving jewelry store for the Tri-State and even the Midwest. In 1955, Mr. Dame retired to California and left Mr. Hurdle still active in the business where he moved the business to Maine Street.

In 1980, the business passed hands to an eager Andy Nickelson and his family. His passion for people and the industry was apparent through the growth the business saw during the following years. In 1996, the business made its final move to 535 Maine Street inside the Maine Center. After 28 years in the business, and 50 plus years in the industry, Mr. Nickelson retired, though he always said he was always “retired” because when you love your job, you never go to “work” a day in your life.

In 2008, Vince Udry stepped in as owner. Having operated his family’s business for 30 years, it was an easy transition. Mr. Udry chose to keep the Dame Hurdle name, but add “& Company” to symbolize that this family business has grown. He continues to run this store with the integrity and determination that has made this business continue to grow for the last six decades.

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